5 Types Of Material Handling Equipment

You probably need all types of material handling equipment in your warehouse. You need a system of machines and automated systems to move, store, and retrieve materials. Here are some common types of these items you can buy from material handling equipment suppliers in UAE. Positioning equipment is an example of this type of equipment. Walkie stackers are another example. Automated delivery systems are another. Read on to learn more. 

Positioning equipment

Positioning equipment is a useful tool for reducing the risks associated with human error. The machines used for this purpose include hoists, balancers, and lift/tilt/turn tables. These assist material handlers by lifting them to the height needed. There are several other kinds of positioning equipment, such as personal lifts. In addition to their many advantages, these devices also reduce the risks of injuries to employees.

Pallet trucks

There are several different types of material handling equipment, but they all have the same basic function: moving products from one place to another. Moving products is never a straight line, and obstacles and debris can make even the simplest tasks seem arduous. This is where the different types of pallet trucks come into play. 

Walkie Stackers

Walkie stackers are versatile material handling equipment that uses legs under the forks to distribute a load. These types are generally used indoors and can be adapted to specific needs. These material handling equipment are inexpensive to buy and operate and require no forklift license. They also have low running costs, produce less carbon footprint, and don’t require a license.

Automated delivery systems

The goal of an automated material handling system is to reduce the amount of manual labor while improving production speed. With this technology, manufacturers can move vast quantities of materials more efficiently, reducing their overall handling costs. These systems can be designed for many tasks, including reel delivery. Aside from the obvious advantages, these systems also offer many other benefits.

Storage and handling equipment

Material handling equipment is a tool for moving, protecting, and storing goods. Without proper equipment, companies may damage products or fall behind on productivity. This equipment can help companies manage their materials, save space, and improve worker efficiency.