Activities to do in the house

There is a lot of Dubai activities for kids which you can have inside your house and enjoy with your kids and also you can go outside of you house in a park to play with them or to let them play what they want to play there along with other kids. When your kid has some interest in a play then you need to help them pursue their career in that. For that you can search Volleyball lessons near me on the internet and you will get some of the places where you can send your kids to help them learn that. Activities which you can have in your house are here below:

Car wash:

You can engage them with you at the weekends when they are at home and to make this time fun you can wash your car with them. This will have many benefits; one is that they will learn to do their work on their own despite of looking at others for doing the work. Another benefit is that they will have amazing time with you and it will be a great opportunity for you to make them learn a few more things like how they can save water, how they should love cleaning etc.

Play with dog:

If you have a dog in your house then playing with that is a great way of making your kids be happy and playing other than their technological devices. There will be some plays which you can play with your dogs like you can have a ball and throw that to the dog and then sit back to see your kids play with the dog and enjoy.


When you have some free time in your house and you want to spend that with your kids while not going outside then you have to think about the plays which you can have with your kids. One of these plays is making drawings with your kids. You can either make them draw whatever they want or when the kids are small then you can draw something and let them color in that. In this way they will get a great hand grip and hand to eye coordination also they will get to know about different colors and shapes while drawing and coloring with you and enjoy your company.