An international move can be full of excitement and at the same time nerve-racking. Several aspects to moving to another country must be totally new for the first timers, and one of the most significant of these, is customs. You need to have knowledge and information to making sure that all of your household items will virtually make it to your new home. Learn more about customs to find out what you should foresee.

Hire an International Moving Company

Hiring an experienced international moving company is the first step for making it through customs, relying on their knowledge and expertise. Domestic moving companies would obviously not have the required experience to successfully move your belongings internationally, hence it is crucial to find a company that has moved numerous families overseas. It would be a plus point if you find a mover that has moved families to the exact place where your new home is located. Find out about companies that facilitate international moving in Dubai here.

Your international moving company will provide you with minute details of what you should and should not pack for your move to ensure your convenient transit through customs. Let’s read through some general guidelines for moving to any country:

What Not to Take

There are some specific items you should avoid taking into another country. These include:

  • Firearms and weapons as these are considered to be items of destruction.
  • Alcohol – some countries have clear-cut prohibitions against alcohol. Do check before carrying one with you.
  • Narcotics – it might include some prescriptions, so better find out in advance.
  • Agricultural products, including houseplants, seeds, and certain foods.
  • Obvious erotic materials and magazines.
  • Politically sensitive elements – these may include certain books, so cross check that you won’t be carrying any banned books with you.

It is better to leave anything controversial behind than to encounter any bad scene at the custom clearance. You might find its replacement in the country you are moving to.

Document Everything

As you plan to move and start packing, make sure to write down each and everything, especially what you put into each box and the estimate cost of each item. If you are having your moving service do the packing for you, they will provide these documentations as an essential part of their service.

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