Car mechanic oversees repairing, maintenance, and mending the electric and mechanic system of a car. There are many different career paths a car mechanic can follow with required training. In other words, a car mechanic provides services and repairs cars’ electrical and mechanical components in the system as well as other parts of the vehicle.

A car mechanic has its importance because without the auto mechanics cars won’t be repaired and cars are a necessity in this modern era to travel to various destinations. Car mechanics either work in dealership shops, shops for body repairing, or provide independent services to different clients. On a basic level, car mechanics have to go through training and complete formal schooling. Only experienced car or auto mechanics can provide mobile services to customers and preferable clients. Reputable brands hire experienced auto mechanics for repairing services. For instance, Porsche repair Dubai has expert mechanics for repairing and maintenance of cars. Click for info to get to know more about the topic

Types of Car Mechanics

  1. Service Technicians: Service technicians provide their services on cars and usually check on the level of oil and fluids keeping the recommendations of the manufacturer in mind. Their job is also to check on the components of electrical and mechanical with the schedule of services. Moreover, they also check on the ignition system and fuel operation to ensure the reliability and efficiency of fuel. In simple terms, they check on heavy consumption of fuel and faulty starting.
  2. Diagnostic Technicians: The duties of diagnostic technicians usually converge with the service technicians. However, the difference is that diagnostic technicians use specific tools and equipment to identify the problem in such as ignition, electrical system, and engine. Diagnostic technicians have an important role in repairing shops for the services they provide because the complexity is continuously increasing in the automobile field.
  3. Transmission and Brake Technicians: Workshops hire car mechanics who especially specializes in brake and system of transmission. Transmission technicians ensure that steering components and power trains are efficient with high knowledge of the control system. Whereas, brake technicians ensure the brake systems are safe and maintained, including the electronic system.
  4. Body Repair Technicians: These technicians replace or repair the damaged body part of a car such as headlights, fenders, or panels. These technicians also repair dents and scratches on a car.
  5. Car Refinishers: This is also done by body repair technicians because body repair technicians are also trained in refinishing techniques. This technique is further customized by using various special refinishing techniques and materials to personalize cars. The primary work is refinishing damaged areas and enhance its image and color by re-spraying the car.