Historical methods of treating lice

Given below are a few means of hair lice treatment:

  • By using hands: This was the first method used before the invention of the comb. Killing lice with your fingers is strongly prohibited since it can allow bacteria to enter the body through the skin. Manual nit removal is only recommended after a medicine has been used to treat the nits. According to the study, this method is less efficient than pediculicides.
  • Using combs: Combs have been used to remove adult lice and nits since ancient times [82]. To control lice, a variety of combs are available nowadays. Combing should be done every 1–3 days. This procedure can be used not only for treatment but also for prevention, as it can be used to eliminate mature lice that would otherwise lay eggs and continue the life cycle. As a result, we may conclude that screening patients for lice infestation using a louse comb and treating with a pediculicide are both successful.
  • Shaving: Shaving your head is an easy way to get rid of lice and eggs. Head lice infections are not prevented by having short hair. Head shaving, on the other hand, should be avoided at all costs because it is embarrassing, especially for girls. Although shaving the head completely eliminates lice and prevents infestation, it is rarely a suitable reaction to an infestation.
  • Using heat: Another step is to use hot water to kill all stages of lice on contaminated clothing and bedding. For the removal of lice and nits, a temperature of 52°C for 30 minutes is required. This approach can be used to clean infested items using hot water, but it cannot be used to clean infested hair.

Lice, on the other hand, can develop heat resistance through a hormonal process. Lice produce a heat-resistant, protective fluid that is excreted through their outer skeleton. This is a part of the lice’s natural defense system. When lice have developed a resistance to heat, they can withstand extremely high temperatures (over 100°C).

If you follow the methods mentioned above then there is a high probability of getting rid of lice. The methods mentioned above were all manual ways of hair lice treatment. Lice shampoo Dubai is one of the easiest method for the removal of lice.