Pros and cons of clear aligners

If you are looking to straighten your teeth, clear aligners can be the right choice for you. These aligners are effective for fixing your crooked and gapped teeth. Clear aligners also help to overcome underbite issues more efficiently. However, before getting clear aligners, it is a better idea to review the pros and cons of these aligners.

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Pros of clear aligners: By applying clear aligners, you can enjoy multiple benefits as compared to traditional braces. One of the great benefits of clear aligners is they are invisible, which means no one can notice your braces teeth. Here are some more advantages of clear aligners.

Take less time to straighten your teeth: The great benefit of using clear aligners is they can straighten your teeth in half time than traditional braces. Most people who use metal brackets and wires take 14 to 20 months for fixing their teeth. On the other hand, clear aligners can straighten your teeth within 8 months.

Easy to remove:

One of the best things about clear aligners is you can remove them easily whenever you want. They are not fixed permanently like traditional braces. So you can remove clear aligners at the time of eating or drinking. Moreover, they are much comfortable than metal brackets.

Improve your dental health:

Once you have straightened your teeth, you will feel improvement in your dental health. It becomes easy to floss and brush your teeth, which helps to increase your oral health and tooth safety.

Cons of clear aligners:

While there are plenty of benefits of clear aligners, but still, there are some problems with clear aligners.

Not recommended in severe cases:

Most dentists do not recommend clear aligners if you have severe dental problems such as misaligned crooked teeth. If your jaw is too small or you have underbites or overbites issues, clear aligners won’t work effectively. You will need more efficient treatment to fix these complicated issues.

You have to brush and floss your teeth more often:

One thing that you need to understand is the oral health routine does not Change after applying aligners to your teeth. You will have extra care for your teeth even after every drink or meal. If you don’t take care of your teeth, it may cause cavities and gingivitis.

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