The duties of a dentist

The doctors of oral health are called dentists. There is a somewhat funny quote among the best dentist in Dubai that not everything you put in your mouth is healthy and that is very much true because we eat tons of things that are not only good for our health but they are bad for your mouths as well. people have a hard time with trying to stop themselves from eating all the things that are forbidden by dentists.

What happens if I don’t take care of my mouth’s hygiene?

And if you don’t stop eating everything bad then you might be searching for a urologist near me soon because junk food can affect your kidneys as well. If you are about to become a dentist then you must also know your duties and we have mentioned the things that you will doing at your end almost every day of your career life.

  1. Diagnose the Oral Disease: the first thing that every doctor, specialist and a dentist does is make a diagnose and tell to the patient that what has happened, why it has happened and what are the solutions of this disease.
  2. Recommend Medicines and Tests (if required): tests are only recommended when the dentist gets a hard time finding the actual issue or the disease or you can say that when the diagnoses are not sure. If the diagnoses is done right, then just recommend the medicines.
  3. See Previous History: before you recommend any medicines, make sure to see the history of drug use and the previous oral issues.
  4. See Teeth and Jaws Development Progress: if a patient is losing teeth or having issues in the gums or jaws then you have to call in the patient after every week to see that progress – see if the medicine is actually working or not. If the patient is not responding to the medicines and it has been quite a while, then it is suggested that you run some tests and change the medicines.
  5. Performing Surgeries: you will be seeing many kinds of case of oral issues and there will be times when you will be doing surgeries on patients’ mouth.
  6. Guiding the Patient: when the surgery is done, it is your duty to guide the patient about the medication and about different exercises that he or she has to do after the surgeries to recover from the surgery.